The Cultural Entertainment Group (the “Group”) is engaged in the film productions, and stage audio, lighting and engineering operations.

Film Operations, Stage Audio, Lighting and Engineering Services for Live Performance Events

The Group has diversified into other cultural entertainment business. In 2016, the Group entered this business by acquiring a majority equity shares of AHM Engineering Company Limited ("AHM"). AHM is engaged in the hiring and installing of audio and lighting equipment and services to customers for concerts and other entertainment events.
Concerts and Performance Events done by AHM
AHM was founded in 1996, has established a solid reputation in the hiring and installing of audio and lighting equipment for concerts and other performance/entertainment events. Under the leadership of Mr. Mazon Chan Muk Hing, a strong team of sound and lighting technicians continues to build and uphold AHM's unparalleled standards of product and service excellence.
In the second-half of 2016, the Group acquired a majority equity share of Hip Hing Loong Stage Engineering Company Limited (previous known as Hip Hing Loong Metal Works Limited), a company engaged in the provision of metal construction works for stage performance in Hong Kong, PRC, Macau and South East Asia.
Both of AHM and HHL are leader in the stage service sector and have been engaged in audio services for many successful concerts and events in Hong Kong and China.
Stage Works done by Hip Hing Loong


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